I am working on redesigning our website to give it a little more personality. Sometimes it is difficult to find the design you want and I think it is worse if you are designing for yourself. Finding that balance between giving a site character and still having it look professional is hard. I liked what I came up with yesterday, but I have no idea if I'll still like it when I look at it in a moment.

Since we are a small company and just starting out, we sometimes run into the problem that we can't afford something that would look awesome for our own websites. But yesterday, I found a stock photography resource that has good photos and doesn't charge through the roof. (thanks reddit/r/web_design!) Photodune.net is definitely on my list of resources to use. There is a site for free stock-photography as well, mentioned in the same reddit discussion, sxc.hu. I checked that one out, too, and there is some interesting stuff there, but you have to dig deep to find it. Probably not the best address for professional use, but it might be a nice source for creating mockups. The worst thing about that site though, is that it's partnered with istockphoto, which has awesome photos if you can afford them, and while you are digging through your free stockphotos trying to find the hidden gem, they show you what you could buy from istockphoto instead, which is frustrating.

Alright, I hope that someone else might find this useful.